Onyx is an amazing quartz stone that comes in a many different colors, from whites and yellows up to reds and orange. The variety of contrasting colors, rich layers, and veining are formed in the earth over a course of thousands of years.

It is normally used for interior designs. Thanks to its translucent qualities, it can create beautiful and dramatical effects when placed on the wall especially combined with lights, adding a stunning look to the architectural elements of your interior. It also can be used for countertops, kitchen island designs, bathrooms, fireplaces, and so on.


Agate is a type of microcrystalline quartz sometimes used as a semi-precious stone. Agate comes in a wide range of colors, including white, blue, brown, red, pink, black, grey and more. The coloring found in agate is the result of impurities and appear as alternating bands within the patterning of the stone.

Agate in slabs can be used for countertops, wall applications, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, water features, like fountains or waterfalls.